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Aircraft seat covers are essential for an aircraft to create a great impression and offer a relaxing ambience while the passengers are boarding the airplane. Well tailored, clean dress covers as well as carpets are regarded as the most significant factor in making that impression.

Many commercial airlines, leasing companies, airline seating companies and the military, are utilizing aircraft seat cover made by the Airpac at this point in time. Airpac employs experienced and skilled craftsmen who specialize in design and custom tailored dress covers, class divider curtains; life vest pouches and other related interiors items, all delivered in a timely manner at a very reasonable cost. Once your airline requires seat covers, floor carpet kits, curtains and other related items, our company will be pleased to meet your needs.

aircraft seat covers

For so many years, Airpac has developed a solid standing among a different client base as a reliable source of high-end airplane and aircraft seat covers. The company has been
dedicated to being the most excellent interior repair company from different parts of the world, thanks to their excellence in establishing company-client relationship as well as dedication to rendering ideal and high quality service. 

Airpac provides an extensive selection of services and products to the aircraft industry. The company supplies their dearest clients with the best in carpet, curtains, upholstery, seat cushions as well as bulkhead cushions to improve the comfort and the aesthetic appeal of your aircraft. Aside from that, the company offers finished products like aircraft seat covers, curtains, headrest covers, carpet kits which are ready to install. All items meet FAA flammability standards. Many clients turn to our company to project manage installation programs and interior conversion. These take account for instance selection and design of new interior components, generating as well as staging materials for C-check and coordinating aircraft seat repair programs. 

You can visit our other web pages to familiarize yourselve with all of our services such as aircraft seat covers and other products that we provide. Call us for estimate or any information regarding the materials you want to use in you aircraft seat covers and the company 24/7 friendly and caring staff are eager to be of assistance.


What Makes Airpac Different from Other Aircraft Seat Covers Providers?


Airpac fabricates new aircraft seat covers for Airbus, Boeing as well as regional aircraft, offered with appropriate certification.

Airpac carries a complete selection of  seat covers in different designs and materials. Airpac has been the favorite of many aircraft companies when it comes to seat covers for many good reasons. Airpac doesn’t just offer comfortable airline seat covers but also we make sure that all safety issues are met.

Airpac offers Incomparable Comfort. Of the lots of alternatives, we provide high quality  seat  materials which is the most at ease component accessible for aircraft seat covers.

Airpac provide luxurious and soft seats that are second to none. This will keep you fresh in the summer and warm during winter season. Those who try the product offered by Airpac promise to stick to our product.

When spending a significant amount of money and time in an aircraft seat covers, expediency must not be compromised. The advantages of a superior and comfortable  seats will make a remarkable difference. The pains and aches of an uncomfortable seats will justify the improvement fast.

Moreover to being the leader provider of most comfortable aircraft seats, the service we offer has many safety benefits. Airpac uses flame retardent materials all meeting FAA flame fulfillment requirements.

Aside from that, most quality everthing is custom-made, that means they will not scoot or slip on the seat. This material will improve the circulation, which means you keep more alert and comfortable.  Aside from this, Airpac also provides simple to clean.

For those who are searching for a unique and exceptional model and make seating, Airpac is the best option. Airpac have ever changing stock and keep speed with the aftermarket. Aside from high quality aircraft seat covers, we are also expert in entertainment and film set fabrication. 

Airpac aircraft cover services allow us to meet incredibly unique client needs from seat rotation facilities to extensive scope fleet upkeep.

When it comes to aircraft seat  repair Airpac is licensed in fixing all kinds and model of seat covers, old or new which take account of Airline Interior, Avio, B/E Aerospace, Brice, Goodrich, Contour, Jepson Burns, Ipeco, Koito, Recaro, PTC, Sicam, Zodiac, Weber, as well as Transaero.

When it comes to modification Airpac has the ability to alter the 9g and 16 aircraft seat  in order to meet the needs of the customer as well as the standard impose by LOPA.

Aircraft seat covers services provided by Airpac is concluded with documentation, as needed. Aside from that the company offers flammability reports, testing as well as certification according to the regulations of FAA.

About the Company

Airpac is a licensed and authorized portion of 145 FAA and EASA repair service. For almost twenty years the company have developed a firm and good reputation among a different customer base as the most reliable source of aircraft seat covers. The company is dedicated to being the first repair station all over the world, by means of brilliance in the business dedication and connection to perfect and high quality aircraft seating service.

The company know that seat is very important to the passenger flight experience as well as to the owners or operators of the aircraft. The company take a client centered manner to the company, meaning they work closely with their customers in order to grow lasting connections. By means of their applied professionalism and diligence, you could be confident that Airpac will give the most excellent solution to address the aircraft seat covers needs.


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